BioStriper liquid dispensing system


Liquid dispensing system for the development of lateral flow assays. It allows to draw lines of antibody or other reagents onto nitrocellulose strips.

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Radetec Diagnostics’ BioStriperTM is a dispensing system to precisely dispense liquid reagents in lines onto nitrocellulose membranes for the production Lateral Flow Assays (LFA), immunoblots and paper-based fluidic applications. The system provides complete flexibility for the array layout in the formative stage and a vigorous performance for mass production. BioStriperTM uses a positive displacement pumps synchronised with a precision dispensing system to develop a uniform stream of reagent. The dispensing system is moved over the membrane, resulting in a fine line of reagent on the membrane with an uniform reagent density. Because the dispensing system is flexible, no significant mechanical stress is applied to the membrane during this process. The BioStriperTM is easily operated via an external switch panel, where the operator can vary the dispense rate by entering the desired value (in μL/cm).

The BioStriperTM is an economical liquid dispensing system that allows everyone to do research on lateral flow assays and develop their own tests. This machine is particularly suited for R&D laboratories and start-ups, where fast prototyping times, low costs and small consumption of reagents are important.


Features of the printer:

  • Mechanism of printing: contact printing.
  • Reproducible, well defined test lines.
  • Dispense colloidal or viscous solutions.
  • Easy adjustment of the tip to control the position and the distance of the tip from the membrane.
  • Interchangeable and low-cost dispensing system.
  • No syringe required to load the antibody solution, with close to zero dead volume and minimal loss of reagents. Only the required volume is loaded directly into the tubing.
  • No cleaning required, all disposable parts.
  • The tubing can be easily replaced, minimising the risk of cross-contamination when printing different antibodies.
  • Ideal to print membranes up to 30 cm, using only about 20 uL of solution.
  • Software interface to set the printing speed (in μL/cm) and turn on/off the printing.


Watch BioStriperTM in action:

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 30 cm

BioStriper – Basic, BioStriper – Ultimate