Quantum dots bioconjugation kits


Quantum dots of various emission wavelengths, ready to be conjugated with 100 μg or 5 x 20 μg of protein. 

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One-step kits to conjugate your protein of interest with our EasyConjTM quantum dots. Each kit contains EasyConjTM quantum dots that react with an amine-containing protein. Just add the protein solution (dispersed in amine-free buffer) into the tube and in few hours the conjugated particles will be ready — no other steps required! The kit contains all reagents needed in the labelling process, which can be completed by the scientist following the step-by-step protocol provided.

Bioconjugated quantum dots have a wide range of application in biology and medicine, including biosensors, imaging and contrast agents, photodynamic therapy and antibacterial agents.


  • Ready to use. All the buffers for nanoparticle blocking and storage are supplied.
  • Fast. Reaction and purification achieved in less than half a day.
  • Versatile. Conjugation can be performed in a variety of buffer where the protein is stable.



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Additional information

Emission wavelength

570 nm, 590 nm, 610 nm, 630 nm, 640 nm

Reaction size

100 μg, 5 x 20 μg