LFA Starter Kit


Everything you need to start your own lateral flow assay development.

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The LFA Starter Kit contains all the essential components and reagents for the development and early stage optimization of your lateral flow tests in your own laboratory. The LFA Starter Kit saves your time and money, by eliminating the need of dealing with multiple vendors and large orders – common when ordering membranes and surfactants. The LFA Starter Kit is ideal to test lateral flow, flow-through and paper-based fluidics assays. Learn more about these technologies in our Learning Centre.

The LFA Starter Kit includes:

  • 60 nitrocellulose strips (with backing) of 3 different flow rates.
  • 60 sample pads of 3 different types.
  • 60 coniugate pads of 3 different types.
  • 30 glass fiber filters.
  • 60 absorbent pads.
  • 100 desiccant bags.
  • 25 resealable foil pouches.
  • 5 mL of EasyConjTM quantum dots, red emitting.
  • 8 mL of 4 different surfactants (2 mL each), to prepare your own buffers.
  • 100 mL of 2 blocking buffer (dry powder to make 50 mL each).
  • 100 mL of 2 different running buffers (dry powder to make 50 mL each).