Shop is the one-stop shop for the development of lateral flow assays. We provide all the components, reagents and instrument you need to do research and develop your own lateral flow assay.
We have developed our own liquid dispensing (BioStriperTM) and imaging (FlareTM) systems to assist you in the characterisation and optimisation of your assays. Both the BioStriperTM and FlareTM systems are available in two models, Basic and Ultimate, to accommodate all the requirements and budgets.

In particular, we are specialised in the preparation of a variety of buffer-stable nanoparticles for biomedical applications, with advanced surface chemistry. Our signature products are the EasyConjTM quantum dots, fluorescent nanoparticles specifically designed to be stable in biological buffers and compatible with advanced conjugation reactions such as Click Chemistry. Our EasyConjTM nanoparticles can also be purchased in easy to use 1-step conjugation kits to label your protein of interest.
Our selection of functional nanoparticle is constantly expanding and we offer custom-made synthesis of nanoparticles for the desired application (visit our Research Partnership page).

In the Learning Centre, you will be able learn more about lateral flow assays and the use of quantum dots as fluorescent reporters.

Contact us at [email protected] to get more information about the range of nanomaterials and applications that Radetec can offer.