Flare imaging system


Optical reader to measure the fluorescence and the optical density from nitrocellulose strips, gels, 96-wells plates and other substrates.

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Radetec Diagnostics’ FlareTM is an optical imaging system for the quantification of fluorescence intensity and optical density from a variety of substrates, including: nitrocellulose, cellulose, 96-wells plates, agarose and acrylamide gels. The software, provided with the instrument, allows to export the images and quantify the signal. The FlareTM imaging system is particularly suited for the rapid development of lateral flow assays and cellulose-based biosensors.


The FlareTM imaging system is available in two versions, Basic and Ultimate. The Basic version is an economical and versatile imaging system that allows to easily quantify fluorescence intensity and optical density from a variety of strips, gels and 96-wells plates. The Ultimate version, currently only available in pre-order, is a highly sensitive and customisable imaging system that can measured the fluorescence of several fluorescent dyes from a variety of substrates.



  • UV and white light illumination
  • Interchangeable emission filters
  • USB connectivity
  • Software to remotely control the system and quantify the signal.
  • Transillumination (Ultimate only)
  • Customisable excitation and emission filters (Ultimate only)

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Flare – Basic, Flare – Ultimate